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HTML Output Utility: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the version history for Hotfix Reporter?

A: Version 1.0 (released 8/31/01): original version

Version 3.2 beta 1 (released 9/10/01): version number jumped to get in sync with HfNetChk tool. Support for HfNetChk 3.2 (beta). "Found" hotfixes display in grey bars.

Version 3.2 beta 2 (released 9/10/01): fixed small but crucial bug present since version 1.0, affecting only NT users. See the question below for more info.

Version 3.2 beta 3 (released 10/17/01): added ability to hide irrelevant hotfixes. Output now separates each computer with a banner. Product and Status columns now converted to mixed case. Added -nohiding and /? parameters to Tab2Html.EXE. Added support for parameters to HfReport.CMD file. Prefixed SORT command with %SystemRoot%\system32\. Changed ERRORLEVELs.

Version 3.2 (released 10/26/01): added HfReport.INI capability. Added support for themes (IE6 + XP).

Q: How can I disable the hiding capabilities in version 3.2?

A: If you do not want Hotfix Reporter to output the HTML script which enables hotfix hiding, you can edit the HfReport.INI file to set "Hiding=0". (This requires version 3.2 or later.) Or, you can add the parameter "-nohiding" (without the quotes) to the Tab2Html command. (ie, change it from "Tab2Html" to "Tab2Html -nohiding".)

Q: Why won't Hotfix Reporter work in Netscape Navigator?

A: Hotfix Reporter generates HTML which has the ability to "hide" the display of any unwanted hotfixes. This is useful if there are certain hotfixes that you do not want to apply to your computer and therefore do not want to see their details. However, this functionality uses VBscript which is not supported by Netscape. See the question above to disable the hiding functionality so that the reports will be displayed correctly in Netscape.

Q: What was the bug affecting NT users fixed in 3.2 beta 2?

A: Hotfix Reporter had a small but important bug in HfReport.CMD; this bug is present in version 1.0 and version 3.2 beta 1 of Hotfix Reporter. The bug was fixed in version 3.2 beta 2; it was the only change made from 3.2 beta 1.

If you are running a version of Hotfix Reporter prior to 3.2 on Windows NT 4 then you should upgrade to 3.2, or make the simple fix yourself.

Alternately, you can make the small fix yourself. (However, upgrading to the latest version is highly recommended since it includes additional features and improvements.) To make the fix, simply edit the HfReport.CMD file. Look for a line that reads like this:

sort /R cur-orig.txt > cur-sort.txt

Insert the text "< " so that the line now reads like this:

sort /R < cur-orig.txt > cur-sort.txt

Save the HfReport.CMD and you're done!

Q: How do I use the HfNetChk switches with Hotfix Reporter?

A: To use the HfNetChk switches, you will need to edit the HfReport.CMD file. Edit the line that calls HfNetChk.EXE, being sure to keep the "-o tab" option as well as the "> cur-orig.txt" redirection items.

Starting with version 3.2 beta 3, Hotfix Reporter supports command line parameters on the HfReport.CMD command line. Simply add any desired parameters to the HfReport.CMD command line and they will be passed on to the HfNetChk command.

For example, you can now issue a command like "HfReport -x mssecure.xml" and the "-x mssecure.xml" parameters will be passed to the HfNetChk command.

Also see the CMD File Modifications page for other ways to use Hotfix Reporter.

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