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FlashStats 2006 will analyze your web site's log files to tell you how many hits, visits, visitors, etc, your site had. This new version has many new features and reports. Get complete details -- including new features and reports, technical specifications, and sample reports -- or download it now.

Other Products

GoPOP GoPOP v. 1.0 - Read Outlook email from anywhere! GoPOP is an innovative program that enables remote access to Outlook email from anywhere in the world with any standard remote email client. You can retrieve your Outlook email with any type of device: PDA, cell phone, pager, remote desktop PC, or laptop.

GoPOP also eliminates the need to keep multiple copies of email messages on different servers. Without GoPOP, inconvenient solutions were required in order to remotely read email, including setting up a "shadow" account with Yahoo! or HotMail, or configuring Outlook to "leave messages on server." With the release of GoPOP, Microsoft Outlook becomes the single source for all of your email.

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Hotfix Reporter Hotfix Reporter 3.2 released! Hotfix Reporter is a free utility that works in conjunction with the Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (HfNetChk) tool to scan your Windows 2000 or later system for missing patches. HfNetChk scans your system but displays raw results in an unfriendly format. Hotfix Reporter converts the HfNetChk raw output into an HTML page, complete with clickable links, making it easy to download the necessary patches.
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Site Management

FlashStats FlashStats 2006 has been released. This new version of FlashStats has many new features and is the easiest and fastest way to analyze your web site's traffic. Get instant, valuable information on your website traffic - visitors, search phrases, top referrers, bad referrers and more!
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Version 1.5 is also still available.

Site Design

Color Browser 2.0 Designing web pages is made even easier using this handy little tool! Color Browser 2.0 allows you to pick browser-friendly colors, and copy the color string to the clipboard so that you can paste it into your HTML editor. The special Color Pick-Me-Up TM tool lets you pick up a color from anywhere on the screen!
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Fun Stuff

Christmas Browser 99 Deck your desktop with boughs of holly...! Christmas Browser 99 is a fun way to browse the Web during the holidays. You get holiday scenes, falling snow, and cheery Christmas music. Plus, a cool interface!
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iCoverArt iCoverArt is an iTunes utility that automates embedding album cover art into song files.
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TiViTunes TiViTunes publishes your iTunes playlists into a folder so that TiVo can play them!
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Scripts for iTunes This collection of free scripts enables you to control iTunes using the special keys on your multimedia keyboard.
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