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Web Site Analytics Software

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Introduction to Web Log File Analysis

In today's world, your web site is your company's public face and an important way to interact with your customers. You've invested a lot of time and money on your web site. But you could be missing some key opportunities if your site is not easy to use or easy to find. FlashStats 2006 can help you to make the most of your web site.

FlashStats 2006 analyzes your web site's log files and provides comprehensive information about your web traffic. Gain valuable insight into how your web site is being used, and find and fix problems with your site.

Download FlashStats 2006 website log analyzer now - free trial

Use FlashStats 2006 to:

  • Get traffic analysis for your web site.
  • Provide basic web site statistics, such as how many hits per day or visits per day your web site receives, or the most common browsers used by visitors to your site.
  • Understand advanced usage patterns: what paths do visitors take through your website? Where do they come from? What keywords and phrases do they search for to find your site?
  • Track responses from marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize your web site's performance with search engines (search engine optimization / marketing).
  • Understand and improve your user's experience with your web site.
  • Understand the process used by shoppers, and locate any problem areas such as where shoppers abandon their shopping carts.
  • See if any search engines have bad links to your web site.


FlashStats 2006 is loaded with features to help you get the most out of analyzing your web site:

  • Windows desktop application -- no software to install on or changes to make to your web site or web server.
  • Quick and easy operation: just select the range of dates for analysis and click the Create Report Set button.
  • Fast performance -- analyze log files at a rate of up to 100 MB per minute! (Benchmark run on a 2GHz CPU with sufficient free memory)
  • Provides more statistics than a free page counter
  • Generates 60 different reports: (see sample reports)
    • Shows stats for hits, page views, visits, unique visitors, and bandwidth; also for hour, day, and day of week
    • Reports for 10 different content types (pages, images, downloads, scripts, media files, support files, private files, web services, attacks, other)
    • Path analysis shows the paths taken through your site
    • Find the most common entry pages and exit pages; where are users leaving your site, or abandoning their shopping carts?
    • Extensive reports on search phrases, engines, and providers
    • Top Attacks report -- see hacks attempted against your web site
    • Primary Domains / Secondary Domains reports -- see your visitors' DNS domain name, grouped by primary domain (eg, .com) or secondary domain (
    • Originating Referrers report -- see the first referrer in a visit
    • Parasite Pages report -- see pages on other web sites which use your content on their site without your authorization
    • Search Providers reports -- all search reports are available on a per-engine and per-provider basis. Search providers are those are those search engines which provide results to other search engines.
    • .NET CLR Support report -- see which versions of the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) are installed on your users' systems
    • Bad Referrers from Search Engines report -- see bad links to your site from search engines, so that you can re-submit your site to fix the problems
  • Tracks bandwidth usage by file, day, time, or content type.
  • Includes an extensive list of search engines; easily define additional engines as well.
  • Updated configuration files are easily downloaded from the Maximized Software web site. Updates are free - no annual license fee required!
  • Reports are created in several different formats, and can be easily shared with other users:
    • HTML
    • Microsoft Word (.DOC)
    • Microsoft Excel (.CSV)
    • XML
  • Supports IIS log file and Apache log file formats (and similar formats).
  • Supports zipped log files. (Supported compressed formats include ZIP, GZIP / GZ, TAR, and Z.)
  • Includes powerful BitKinex utility for downloading log files from your web server.
  • Analyzes all files requested from your website, unlike JavaScript-based solutions which can miss requests for key files such as downloads.
  • Automatically filters out spam referrers (hits with junk referrers trying to increase their hit count) from your website traffic.
  • Reports can be fully customized by editing XSL templates (requires knowledge of XSL).
  • Our innovative drag and drop interface lets you easily define filters so that you can drill down into only the specific results in which you are most interested.
  • Easy and powerful filter system provides special windows to let you easily select specific values, such as valid return codes, content types, browser brands, or user agent categories.
  • Use our exclusive Pick with IE buttons to use a pop-up Internet Explorer window to easily select values such as your website's home page URL or a referring page URL.

System Requirements

FlashStats 2006 has the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 98 or later (with current service packs)
  • 25MB disk space, plus enough space for your web site's log files. In addition, if the log files are zipped you will also need enough space to store an unzipped copy of them.
  • Enough free memory equal to approximately 60% - 70% of the total size of the log files you'd like to analyze. Depending upon your system configuration, you should be able to analyze up to 3GB of log files at once.

FlashStats supports IIS and Apache (Common / Extended Log Format) log formats.

FlashStats 2006 can analyze approximately 100MB of log file data per minute, on a 2GHz (single-processor) system, with sufficient free memory. Performance depends upon available memory. We recommend that you should have as much memory available in your system as possible.


FlashStats 2006 is available in two editions:

  • Standard Edition costs $49 and lets you analyze one web site
  • Professional Edition costs $79 and lets you analyze any number of web sites

Both editions of FlashStats are licensed on a per-user basis. There is no additional cost if you run FlashStats on a multi-processor or multi-core system.

Registered users of prior versions of FlashStats are eligible for upgrade pricing.

See our sales page for more information.

Try FlashStats 2006 For Free

Download and try FlashStats 2006 for free, for up to 15 days before purchasing a license.

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