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iCoverArt Payment Received

Thank you for registering your copy of iCoverArt! As a registered user, all future upgrades/new releases of iCoverArt will be free.

Your $5.00 payment has been transferred to Maximized Software via PayPal.

Orders are normally processed within one business day. You will receive an email confirming your registration along with information on how to unlock your copy of iCoverArt. (The email will be sent to the address used by your PayPal account.)

If you do not receive your registration information within one business day, please send an email to

(You may log into your PayPal account at to view the details of this transaction.)

Be sure and check out our other iTunes software:

  • Scripts for iTunes. Scripts for iTunes is a free collection of scripts that can be used to control iTunes. You can use them from the command line, in a batch (command) file, or you can assign them to the special controls keys on a multimedia keyboard (such as "Play", "Next", or "Previous").

  • TiViTunes. TiViTunes is a utility which will publish (export) your iTunes playlists so that TiVo can play them.

iTunes® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. TiVo® is a registered trademark of TiVo Inc. iCoverArtTM, Scripts for iTunesTM, and TiViTunesTM are trademarks of Maximized Software, Inc.

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