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FlashStats 2006 logo
FlashStats 2006 Spam Referrer System

This page explains the FlashStats spam referrer system.

You probably arrived at this page by clicking on a "no" icon in a FlashStats 2006 report. The icon looks like this: Spam referrer icon

FlashStats maintains a master list of spam referrers. Any referrer from a FlashStats report can be added to the master list of spam referrers by dragging the referrer's "no" icon Spam referrer icon and dropping it onto the main FlashStats 2006 program window. (Make sure that FlashStats is currently in the New Report Set view.)

Background: In order to drive traffic to their web sites, some owners of web sites will run programs which make requests to your web site and provide their web site as the referrer (in the HTTP header). When you run a Referrers report you will then see these "spam" referrers and you might be tempted to click on them to see what they are, thus driving up traffic to those sites.

In addition, many web sites innocently publish the reports (including referrer reports) generated by some log file analysis programs. Spammer sites try to flood these other sites with their referring URL so that it appears in those reports. The links back to the spammer make it look like more web sites are linking to the spammer, thus hopefully increasing their search engine ranking.

Due to the popularity of these techniques, spam referrers are proliferating rapidly. Many web sites get a huge amount of spam referrers every day. These spam referrers pollute your list of actual referrers, and they also inflate the hit count of the pages that they request.

Therefore, itís good to eliminate spam referrers. FlashStats provides the ability to filter out all traffic which includes spam referrers. If any hit within a visit includes a spam referrer, then the entire visit is ignored.

You can now close this window.

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