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FlashStats 2006 Filter System

This page explains the FlashStats filter system.

You probably arrived at this page by clicking on a "filter" icon in a FlashStats 2006 report. The filter icon looks like this: Filter icon

Normally FlashStats will analyze your entire web site. But you can use filters to restrict the set of data that FlashStats analyzes. For example, you can use a filter to include only requests for a certain page, or to exclude all requests from a given IP address.

You can manually create a filter before running a report by making sure that you are in the New Report Set view and on the Current Filters tab. Click Add... to display a window which will let you define the filter.

In addition to manually creating filters, FlashStats 2006 lets you easily define filters using drag and drop.

When FlashStats creates reports, most entries will have a small filter icon to the left of the value. For example:

Sample report

Notice the little filter icon: Filter icon. You can drag and drop this icon to anywhere on the FlashStats window, and FlashStats will create a new filter using the value to the right of the filter icon. (Make sure that FlashStats is currently in the New Report Set view.)

Using the sample report shown above, if you were to drag the filter icon from the first row, then FlashStats would create a filter which would test for requests to /images/logo1.gif.

When you drag and drop a filter icon onto the FlashStats 2006 program window, FlashStats will create a new filter. However, if you are currently editing a filter, then FlashStats will add an appropriate test for the dropped value to the filter that you are editing.

Most of the filter icons refer to values which can be used in several different ways. For example, if you drop the filter icon as shown above you probably mean that you want to test against that specific directory and file. But you might also want to test only against the directory /images/ or just the file name logo.gif. If a dropped value can be used in several different ways, FlashStats will prompt you to choose how it should be used.

When you use this drag and drop interface to create new filters, be sure to provide a name for the filter and choose whether you want it to be an Include or Exclude filter.

You can now close this window.

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