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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 2

Installation on Primary PC

Chapter 3

Firewall Configuration

Chapter 4

Remote Device

Chapter 5

Wireless Device

Chapter 6

Accessing Subfolders
and Mutliple Identities

GoPOP Home Page

Documentation Chapter 2:
Installation on the Primary PC

Pre-Installation Steps
  1. Confirm that Outlook (version 2000 or later) is installed and running on your primary computer. GoPOP will not work unless Outlook is installed. Outlook Express is not supported.
  2. Confirm that your computer is connected to the Internet. To use GoPOP for remote access to your Outlook Mail, your computer must always be powered on and connected to the Internet.
  3. Determine the IP address of your computer. This step is critical. For information on determining your computer's IP address, click here. The IP address of the computer with which you are connecting to this page is:

    If your primary computer does not have a static IP address (it is dynamically assigned or changes each time you dialup or access the Internet), you will need to use a third party solution (such as Winip).

  4. If your primary computer is located behind a proxy or other network address translation system, then any remote mail reader will not be able to connect to GoPOP to get your email. Some networks can be configured to route incoming POP3 connections to your primary computer; check with your network administrator to see if this is possible on your network.
  5. Finally, if your primary computer is behind a firewall, be sure to configure the firewall to allow incoming connections to your primary computer on port 110 (this port number can be changed/customized in the Tools-->Options menu of GoPOP after it has been installed). See Chapter 3 for more information.

Step 1: Install GoPOP
If you have not already done so, download the program to your primary computer, and once downloaded, launch the executable to begin installation.
  • Screen 1: Welcome - review the general information, click "Next"
  • Screen 2: Readme file - after reviewing the information, click "Next"
  • Screen 3: End User License Agreement - after reviewing, click "Next", indicating you agree to the terms and conditions of use therein.
  • Screen 4: Installation directory selection - click "Next" to select the default installation directory, or click "Browse" to determine an alternate directory, and then click "Next" to continue
  • Screen 5: Backup - Select whether or not to create a backup directory, and click "Next" to continue. If "yes" is selected, the next screen will prompt you to select the backup directory - choose either the default directory and click "Next", or click "Browse" to determine an alternate directory, and then click "Next" to continue.
  • Screen 6: Ready to install - click "Next" to begin program installation
  • Screen 7: Installation Complete - select the "Run GoPOP" checkbox and click "Finish" to complete the installation.

Step 2: Configure GoPOP
Once GoPOP is intalled, the "Configuration Wizard" will launch. Configure the program as follows:
  • Screen 1: Welcome - general info to review, click "Next" to continue
  • Screen 2: User Name and Password Configuration

    - Select the user name you will use from your remote mail client to access your primary computer's Outlook mail.
    NOTE: This does not need to be the same as your Outlook mail user name, but you can use the same name if you wish.

    - Select the password you will use from your remote mail client to access your primary computer's Outlook mail. Same note from above applies. Click "Next" to continue.

  • Screen 3: APOP Authentication - Optional Step
    Select the APOP secret you will use.
    NOTE: This is optional. The APOP secret operates like any other password. Not all mail clients support APOP. If you are unsure if your mail client supports APOP, assigning one in the event it does is generally a good idea. Check with your network/email administrator.
  • Screen 4: Configuration Complete - Click finish and GoPOP is installed and configured, and ready to allow remote access to your Outlook mail!
For advanced configuration:
  • Under the GoPOP Tools menu, select "Options"
  • Login: allows you to change your login username, password and APOP secret
  • Security: allows you to establish guidelines to prevent unauthorized login attempts
  • Message Deletion: Allows you to determine how GoPOP should handle deleted messages. You can configure GoPOP to either completely delete messages, or send them to the Outlook "Deleted Items" folder on your primary computer.
  • Click "OK" after making any changes, and GoPOP is completely configured, and ready to allow remote access to your Outlook Mail.
NOTE: To access your email remotely using GoPOP, the following requirements must always be met:
  1. Your primary computer must be powered on.
  2. Your primary computer must be connected to the Internet.
  3. Outlook must be running, and configured to constantly check for and download new mail
  4. GoPOP must be running, and set to "Enable" (from the "Server" menu, select "Enable") in order to be listening for an incoming connection from your remote device.
To configure your remote device(s) continue to Chapter 4 and/or Chapter 5. For users running a firewall on the primary PC, please see Chapter 3.
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