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Comprehensive Web Page Counter - Log File Analysis Software

FlashStats 2006 has been released

FlashStats 2006 is the next generation of web analytics software from Maximized Software. This new version of FlashStats generates 60 reports provides extensive information on visitor activity for your web site, and features an advanced interface providing both power and simplicity.

FlashStats 2006 is a Windows desktop application (rather than a server CGI like FlashStats 1.5). We recommend FlashStats 2006 for most users. FlashStats 1.5 will continue to be sold for those customers who wish to install a server CGI program for use by multiple web sites.

Find out more about FlashStats 2006

Note to all FlashStats 1.5 users:
Click here for information on changing the Year settings in the "Days to Analyze" field on the Report Request Forms.

What is FlashStats?
FlashStats goes beyond the offerings of most free website counters to analyze your site's log files and provide comprehensive information about your web traffic. Gain valuable insight into how your web site is being used, and find and fix problems with your site. FlashStats provides the best combination of speed, features, and price when compared with other log file analysis software!

Who Needs FlashStats?

    FlashStats is targeted towards the following users:

    • ISPs needing to provide web site statistics for their customers
    • Webmasters at small- to medium-sized sites
    • Users who need to analyze log files provided by their ISP
    • Intranet users who need to generate detailed reports, as well as the ability to let other users (management, marketing, etc.) generate web traffic reports

    FlashStats gives you to analyze web site statistics about the sites that you host on your server. Great for internal Web sites, corporate Web sites and Web site providers. ISP's can easily configure FlashStats to allow secure access to real-time web traffic statistics for clients.

    In addition, if you have a web site hosted on your ISP's web server, FlashStats provides log file analysis for the log files that your ISP provides - at a reasonable price!


    FlashStats is loaded with features to help you get the most out of your web site log file analysis:

    • The performance leader -- analyze log files at a rate of up to 20 MB per minute!
    • Generates 12 different Reports
    • Advanced reports not available from free website counters and normally available only in higher-end packages, such as:
      • Search Phrases
      • List Referrers for Bad URLs
    • The Search Phrases report supports the top 34 search engines
      • Add your own search engines!
    • Filter out requests from your own domain, to eliminate the influence of your own hits
    • Filter out requests for certain file types such as graphics files, to reduce the clutter in the reports and focus on the more important files
    • Generate and display reports in your browser from anywhere in the world
    • No client software required
    • Supports all major log file formats
    • Administrator mode

    At a price of only $99 (Standard Edition -- up to 25 web sites) or $249 (ISP Edition -- unlimited web sites), FlashStats is a greater value than both free website counters that cannot provide indepth information, and higher-end packages that cost 3-4 times more, yet provide largely the same information as FlashStats.


    FlashStats generates the following reports:

    • Summary Report - number of hits, bytes transferred
    • Top URLs Requested - which pages are the most popular?
    • Top Referrers To Your Site - who is linking to your site?
    • Search Phrases - what are users searching for to find your site?
    • Most Common Browsers - what browsers are being used?
    • Bad URLs - what requests are generating errors?
    • Bad Referrers - who has bad links to your site?
    • User Domain Analysis - which domains accessed your site?
    • Types of Domains - where are your users coming from?
    • Daily Totals - how many hits in total did you receive on each day?
    • Hits Per Day of Week - which day of the week is busiest?
    • Hits Per Hour - what hour of the day is busiest?

    See the reports page for samples for each report, or run our demo to try them out for yourself!


    If you're an ISP, FlashStats provides you with a great way for your customers to generate their own web site statistics at any time without needing hand-holding from you. Setup is quick and easy and allows your customers secure, 24/7 access to real-time web traffic information.

Try Before You Buy!

    It's easy to make an informed decision when buying FlashStats. You can try our live online demo to see for yourself how FlashStats works. You can also download a free 30-day trial edition so you can put it through it's paces on your own system. Plus, documentation is available online so you have all the gritty details before plunking down your money. Finally, Maximized Software offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

System Requirements

    FlashStats is available for the following operating systems:

    • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    • Apple Mac OS - runs on any Macintosh; accelerated for Power Macintosh
    • Sun Solaris 2.4 or later
    • FreeBSD
    • Linux (Intel)
    • Linux (Alpha)
    • Linux (MIPS)
    • Digital UNIX (Alpha)
    • SCO

    Performance depends upon available memory. We recommend that you should have as much memory available in your system as possible.

    FlashStats supports all of the major log formats. Here is a list of supported web servers and their associated log formats:

    • Apache (Common Log Format, Extended Log Format)
    • Netscape Communications, Commerce, FastTrack, Enterprise (all formats)
    • Microsoft IIS (version 4 and later) and Personal Web Server (IIS/PWS format, Standard NCSA format)
    • Microsoft Personal Web Server for Macintosh
    • O'Reilly & Associates' WebSite (all formats)
    • Quarterdeck WebSTAR (all formats)
    • Quid Pro Quo (all formats)
    • Any other web server supporting Common Log Format or Extended Log Format
    • Almost any custom format

    FlashStats 1.5 can use almost any custom log format generated by your web server, ranging from slight variations on the standard format to extensively different formats.

    If you're unsure whether FlashStats supports your log format, just ask us.


For individuals with a home page:
If your home page (or full-blown web site) is hosted on someone else's server and you want to run FlashStats, you have two options:

  • Have your ISP install FlashStats on their servers so that you can run reports remotely. You can ask your ISP to install FlashStats, or you can send us email with detail about who your ISP is, and we'll be happy to contact them for you.

  • Install a personal web server on your computer so that you can run FlashStats locally. You will also need to download your log files from your ISP. The documentation explains how to do all of this.

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