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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions are answered here. Unless otherwise noted, all of these questions apply to FlashStats 1.5.

Please let us know if you have questions about our web site statistics software program that are not answered here.

How Does FlashStats Work?

    FlashStats is installed and runs on your web server. FlashStats is a web page counter that analyzes the log files that are stored on the server and that are created by your site's web traffic. FlashStats can also run locally, on a personal web server installed on your PC, as long as you have access to and can download the log files from your ISP.

    FlashStats is a CGI program that runs on-the-fly (only when a web site statistics report is requested via the Report Request Form. There are two customizable Report Request Forms, a Standard Form and an Advanced Form.

Does FlashStats support databases?

    No. FlashStats does not read log files that have been stored in a database. Only text-based log files are supported.

    Also, FlashStats does not store its information or results in a database.

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