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Register the World's Fastest Log Analyzer!


FlashStats 1.5 is aggressively priced at $99 or $249 (per machine), depending upon the number of web sites to analyze:

Edition Number of user accounts Primary License
(First copy)
Secondary Licenses
(Additional copies)
Standard Edition Up to 25 $99.00 $50.00 (each)
ISP Edition Unlimited $249.00 $125.00 (each)

Note: Click here for pricing for the new version -- FlashStats 2006

Here are some licensing scenarios:

  • If you are a small site running just one set of log files, you need the Standard Edition (Primary License), for a total of $99
  • If you are a business running a network with three web servers, each of which hosts fewer than 25 web sites, then you need three copies of the Standard Edition; the first copy must be a Primary License for $99, and the other copies can be Secondary Licenses for $50 each, for a total of $199
  • If you are running FlashStats on two servers, each of which hosts more than 25 web sites, then you need two ISP Edition licenses; the first copy must be a Primary License for $249, and the other copy can be Secondary License for $125 each, for a total of $374

Full details are available about FlashStats pricing. If you have any questions about our pricing policies or procedures, please ask us.

Phone, Fax, and Mail Orders

If you prefer not to order online, you can buy a FlashStats license via U.S. mail. Simply fill out all fields on the form below, print out this form, and then mail it to:

Maximized Software
85 Ashford Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Secure Order Form

Please fill out this form with the appropriate information, then either hit the Submit button, or print it out for submission via one of the methods described above.

Please note that fields in red are required for processing of your order.
This web page is secure.
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Payment Information

Credit Card

      Card Type   
      Card Number 
      Exp. Date    MM/YYYY

Purchase Order

    Purchase Order Number 

Company Check

Purchase Quantities

Please specify which license(s) of FlashStats you would like to purchase. The total will be automatically calculated as you provide the appropriate license quantity.

The Standard Edition analyzes up to 25 web sites; the ISP Edition analyzes any number of web sites. The first license you purchase of either edition must be a Primary License; all others can be Secondary Licenses. You need one license per machine which will run FlashStats. Full explanation of pricing.

Quantity License Type Unit Price Extended
Standard Edition / Primary License $99.00
Standard Edition / Secondary License $50.00
ISP Edition / Primary License $249.00
ISP Edition / Secondary License $125.00

What operating system(s) will you be running FlashStats on?

Windows 95/98/NT
Windows NT (Alpha)
Solaris (SPARC)
Solaris (Intel)
Digital UNIX (Alpha)
Linux (x86)
Linux (Alpha)
Linux (MIPS)

How did you hear about Maximized Software or FlashStats?

Please send me information about the MaxPartner authorized reseller program.

Yes, I have read and understand the Maximized Software Refund Policy.


After your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a new key and password to use in the FlashStats configuration file to bypass the trial period 30-day limit. Depending upon the method of payment and if you are drawing on a non-California bank, it may take up to 5 business days to confirm your payment.

If you are paying by purchase order, please note the following points:

    Purchase orders will be accepted from U.S. corporations only
    We need to receive a copy of your PO via fax or mail before we provide you with your new key and password
    The PO must be an official PO form from your company
    POs are payable upon your receipt of our invoice

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