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List of Available Reports

    FlashStats generates 12 different reports to provide comprehensive web site statistics. Here are some samples of each web traffic report. (This sample data is taken from the log files for You may also want to visit our live, online demo site to try FlashStats for yourself!

Summary Report Top URLs Requested Top Referrers To Your Site
Search Phrases Most Common Browsers Bad URLs
Bad Referrers User Domain Analysis Types Of Domains
Daily Totals Hits Per Day Of Week Hits Per Hour

Summary Report
    This report is generated every time you run FlashStats. It provides a summary of the web traffic reports being run, as well as the total number of hits counted and total number of bytes sent by the web server for the given hits.

URL Analyzed:/
Date Range Analyzed:06/20/97 - 06/20/97
Ignore requests from,
Omit requests for files with extensions:.gif,.jpg
Date of Report:June 23, 1997 at 05:32:37 PM
HTTP Requests:6,985
HTTP Bytes Served:70742246 (70 MB)
Log Bytes Read:3,500,550 (3.5 MB)

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