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What's New in Version 1.5

FlashStats 2006 has been released

FlashStats 2006 is the next generation of web analytics software from Maximized Software. This new version of FlashStats generates 60 reports provides extensive information on visitor activity for your web site, and features an advanced interface providing both power and simplicity.

FlashStats 2006 is a Windows desktop application (rather than a server CGI like FlashStats 1.5).

Find out more about FlashStats 2006

Version 1.5 is a major upgrade to our web site statistics program since it provides full Y2K compliance:

  • Improved! Lets you define your own search engines to include in the Search Phrases Report
  • Fixed! The Report Request Form now works with years after 1999
  • Fixed! FlashStats now correctly reads old IIS and WebSTAR logs with 2-digit years in the 21st century

Registered owners of prior versions of FlashStats can upgrade to version 1.5 for free!

Version 1.4.4

Version 1.4.4 adds support for IIS 5, and a few minor changes:

  • Improved! Now supports IIS 5 and Netscape Proxy Server
  • Improved! The Search Phrases Report now shows the number of referrals (in addition to the percentage)

Version 1.4.3

Version 1.4.3 fixes a few bugs and provides minor updates:

  • Improved! Better support for IIS 4, Quid Pro Quo, and Dolphin Speedstar servers
  • Fixed! FlashStats now correctly handles a user agent with a percent sign in it
  • Fixed! FlashStats now gracefully handles a user account definition with no accesslog= parameter on non-BSD Unixes

Version 1.4.2

Version 1.4.2 fixes a bug and provides minor updates:

  • Improved! The Search Phrases Report now supports the 31 most popular search engines
  • Improved! Referrers are filtered out regardless of their capitalization
  • Fixed! Single-line log files now parse correctly

Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1 was issued to fix one significant bug in version 1.4, and we also added some features:

  • Improved! The Search Phrases Report now supports the top 30 search engines
  • Improved! The standard Report Request Form has been simplified, and an Advanced version has been added
  • Improved! Better Mac web server support
  • Improved! User Domains Report now aggregates domains more logically
  • Fixed! DNS lookup bug

Version 1.4

Version 1.4 was released only on the WebSTAR 3.02 CD. It contains numerous improvements from version 1.3.1:

  • New! Now supports IIS 4 and WebSTAR 3
  • New! Added ability to perform reverse DNS lookups for the User Domain and Types Of Domains reports
  • New! Support for wildcard characters in the Page To Analyze field
  • New! Configuration file can be moved into the Preferences folder [Macintosh]
  • New! Flexible memory allocation to allow FlashStats to continue even if it runs out of memory
  • New! Added ability to launch FlashStats from the command line
  • New! Added heartbeat character to prevent CGI timeouts
  • Improved! Full Year 2000 compliance
  • Improved! The Search Phrases Report support 24 engines
  • Improved! Adjusts times recorded in GMT
  • Improved! Better support for log files with junk at the end (IIS 4)
  • Improved! Better handles hits differing only in case
  • Improved! The AccessLog= parameter can now take wildcard characters
  • Improved! Miscellaneous improvements to Macintosh support
  • Fixed! Netscape servers running on Windows NT no longer look for an incorrect configuration filename

Version 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 fixes a few minor problems that some customers were having:

  • Improved! Automatic support for multiple hosts on IIS
  • Fixed! IIS install bug (System32\System32)
  • Fixed! Parsing of log files in certain countries (eg, Russia)

Version 1.3

Version 1.3 provides over a dozen important new features and improvements:

  • New! Support for non-U.S. date formats
  • New! 30-day trial key and password no longer required
  • New! Custom HTML headers and footers can be inserted into the report
  • New! Support for .htpasswd file (Apache server)
  • New! Support for custom log formats
  • New! Include hits by authenticated realm or username
  • New! ShowQuery option for Top Requests Report
  • Improved! Search Phrases Report now supports 16 search engines (added support for Northern Light)
  • Improved! Setup improved for both Windows and Unix versions
  • Improved! Error messages provide more detail and suggested solutions
  • Improved! Summary Report provides more detail
  • Improved! Graph bars for weekend days are blue
  • Improved! Internal efficiencies and minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

Although we no longer publish version 1.2, it was an important upgrade to FlashStats. The following changes and improvements made in FlashStats 1.2:

  • Greatly improved handling of log files
  • Two new reports: Daily Totals, and Hits Per Day of Week
  • Support for four additional search engines (now supports the top 15 engines!)
  • Improvements to the configuration file format and capabilities
  • Setup is dramatically easier and more automated (Windows platform)

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