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Sample Web Traffic Reports

Summary Report Top URLs Requested Top Referrers To Your Site
Search Phrases Most Common Browsers Bad URLs
Bad Referrers User Domain Analysis Types Of Domains
Daily Totals Hits Per Day Of Week Hits Per Hour

Bad Referrers
    This web traffic report shows all bad links to your site. This report is different from the "List referrers for bad URLs" option above because bad referrers are grouped together, offering a different way of fixing bad links all at once. It can also display a complete listing of bad referrers since filtering can affect the other listing.

Bad Referrers
This report lists pages with invalid links to your site. Click on each link to visit the page to look for the invalid link.
Summary: 6 distinct bad referrers were found. All are shown in the report.
Quantity % of Total Item
3 0.04%
3 0.04%
2 0.03%
1 0.01%
1 0.01%

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