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Extend your IIS or Personal Web Server log files!

    Enable advanced web site statistics reporting by FlashStats and other log analyzers

    By default, Microsoft's web servers (IIS and PWS) prior to version 4 do not log the Referrer field and User Agent field for each request. This means that FlashStats and other log file analyzers cannot generate certain web traffic reports, such as Most Common Browser and Top Referrers.

    By using the FlashLog extension, IIS and PWS will log the Referrer and User Agent fields by adding them to the end of each line in the log file. FlashStats can then use this information to provide advanced reports.

    If you are running IIS or PWS version 4 or later then we recommend that you use the W3C Extended Log Format. (This will also remove the need to install FlashLog.)

How Does It Work?
    The FlashLog extension is an ISAPI filter. The setup program installs it by merely adding an entry to the registry so that FlashLog gets called by the web server for each HTTP request. FlashLog then appends the Referrer and User Agent fields to the end of the line that gets saved to the log file. The new fields come after the last field (i.e., parameters, or query string), so they won't interfere with other log analysis programs that don't know to look for them. Of course, the fields are separated by commas, in order to remain compatible with the log format.

    There are no other configuration details to take care of. Just install it, and then restart the web server. That's it!

    FlashLog will work with the following web servers:

    • Microsoft Personal Web Server for Windows 95 (Download)
    • Microsoft Peer Web Services for Windows NT Workstation
    • Microsoft Internet Information Server for Windows NT Server (Download)

    In addition, FlashLog will work with any other web server which is ISAPI filter compatible. But be careful! Many other web servers support only ISAPI applications, but not ISAPI filters. (For example, WebSite from O'Reilly falls into this category.) FlashLog will not work with these types of web servers, since the servers do not support the ISAPI filter interface.

    The only restriction is that FlashLog will only write out the additional information to the log file if you have the web server configured for logging to a file (not to a database) and to use the Standard log format (not NCSA format).

    You can still install FlashLog even if your web server configuration does not meet the above requirements. In this case, FlashLog will quietly step aside and will have no effect on the system. If and when the requirements are met again, then FlashLog will resume appending the Referrer and User Agent information to the log file.

Download It Now!
    Click here to download the FlashLog 1.0 setup program:   FL_10.EXE

    Save the download to somewhere on your hard disk, then run it. The simple setup program will install the necessary files and will modify the registry to install the DLL. You will have to restart your web server after running setup.

    An uninstall program will also be installed by the setup program, so that you may easily remove FlashLog from your system if you ever so desire.

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