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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1350

No Items Found when analyzing multihomed IIS4 log files.

This problem occurs if you are using FlashStats 1.3 (or 1.3.1) to analyze IIS 4 log files. You can avoid the problem entirely by upgrading to FlashStats 1.4.

The problem is that IIS4 gives each web server instance a different string, such as W3SVC1, W3SVC2, and so on. IIS3 always used the string W3SVC and that's what FlashStats 1.3 looks for.

You can easily work around this problem if you are using the old IIS log file format (not the new extended log file format). Enable a custom log format by editing the FlashStats.ini file. Look for the line that reads LogFormat=. This line will usually come at the bottom of a paragraph of other lines explaining how to set the value. It may look like this:


If it begins with a ; or #, remove that character so that the line is no longer commented out. Then set the line to read as follows:


Save and close the FlashStats.ini. Try FlashStats again; you should now see results as expected.

(Technical note: the reason this works is that the fifth field [which is the sixth character of the custom log format string] is set to ? so that the W3SVCx field is ignored.)

(Also, please note that the FlashStats user account definitions, such as user=sample, need to have their Logs= and AccessLog= parameters updated to point to the current subdirectory such as logs\www\w3svc1.)

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