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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1440

How can I increase FlashStats' performance?

If you find that FlashStats is taking a long time to run, we recommend that you run it against a smaller set of data (i.e., fewer days, or just a subdirectory instead of the root /).

You can determine the shortest time possible to run your reports by generating just the Hits Per Hour, Hits Per Day of Week, or Daily Totals report (or all three) and no other reports. These reports are the quickest reports to generate, and they will give you an indication of the minimum time required to process your log files.

Finally, if things still seem to take too long, you may want not to generate the User Domain Analysis report. This report tends to generate a lot of data due to the wide variety of user domains, and therefore takes a long time to create.

The Top Referrers To Your Site report also takes a relatively long time to generate.

Another way to reduce the amount of data being processed is to use the find or AuthRealm parameters to include only requests for certain web sites.

You should also ensure that you rotate your log files often enough to keep them to a reasonable size. See Chapter 5 of our online documentation for more information.

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