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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1448

How can I save reports to disk for later viewing?

FlashStats doesn't offer a way to output the reports to disk. Instead, you need to open your browser's File menu and choose the Save As command. Specify a filename and location, then click OK.

You can view the saved report in your browser by opening the File menu and choosing Open File. You may notice that some graphics, such as the FlashStats logo and the red and blue horizontal bars used in some reports, do not display correctly. This can be fixed by editing the FlashStatsPath= parameter in your FlashStats configuration (FlashStats.ini or FlashStats.conf). Make sure that the parameter specifies the beginning of the full URL to the FlashStats directory. For example, change it from:




More details on this parameter are available in Chapter 3 for the online documentation.

When you save the reports to disk, some browsers will save the existing report data, which is what you want. Other browsers, however, will re-request the reports from the web server. Unfortunately, they don't do this correctly, and FlashStats returns an error message (usually error #1), which is what gets saved to disk. There's no way around this other than to use a different browser to generate the reports and save to disk. Our testing has indicated the following results:

  • Navigator 3 for Windows: works correctly
  • Navigator 4 for Windows: works correctly
  • Internet Explorer 3 for Windows: works correctly
  • Internet Explorer 4 for Windows: works correctly

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