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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1452

Are there any known browser incompatibilities?

No, there are no known incompatibilities.

The FlashStats Report Request Form does include a lot of JavaScript routines to make it easier to fill out the form, such as links for selecting a date range such as "Today" or "Yesterday." If your browser does not support JavaScript, or if the browse has JavaScript is disabled, then these functions will not work. But even in this case you should still be able to fill out the form manually.

After submitting the Report Request Form, FlashStats will analyze your log files and then report the results using HTML text. This HTML is very simple, and does not contain any JavaScript or any other technologies that might cause a problem.

The only problem you might have is if you try to display a lot of results; this generates a large table, and some browsers do have problems with really large tables (say, over 100 rows). If you suspect that your browser is having a problem like this, try reducing to 10 the number of results ("hits") shown for any given report.

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