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Support: Tech Notes

Tech note FS1454

How to analyze a directory which has moved to a new location.

Let's say that you have a certain directory named /dir. You can use the find=/dir parameter to only analyze hits within that directory. (See tech note FS1423 for more information on the find= parameter.)

However, if for some reason you need to move the directory to /sub/dir, you would need to change the parameter to find=/sub/dir. Now when analyzing this user's statistics you'll only see hits to the /sub/dir directory.

How can you generate statistics which include both old hits to /dir and new hits to /sub/dir? One solution is to create two separate FlashStats user accounts. For example, if you have this account defined:


All you would need to do is to add another user account definition (without changing the current definition):


After having done this, you can run statistics for the old data by using the abc user account, or you can get separate statistics for the new location by using the abc2 user account.

This solution may be fine if you only want to see one set of statistics, but if you want to see both old and new statistics in the same report then you need a different solution.

The solution is to change the find= parameter user account to find=*/dir. For example: user=abc;password=x;url=;logs=*.log;find=*/dir;find_pattern=1

Be sure to include the find_pattern=1 parameter so that the asterisk in the find= parameter is treated as a wildcard rather than treated literally.

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